Coastguards save woman’s life after 100-foot cliff fall

seaton cliff fall
The woman was winched back up the cliff by coastguards (photo credit: Beer Coastguard)

LYME Regis coastguards helped save a woman’s life yesterday (Thursday) after she fell 100 feet down a cliff between Beer and Seaton.

Beer and Lyme Regis coastguards were called to the scene, where the woman was located on a ledge 80 feet above rocks by the police helicopter, which helped direct the coastguard teams who were unable to see her from the clifftop.

Sidmouth lifeboat was called to help direct a coastguard rope technician down the cliff, along with the coastguard search and rescue helicopter in case the woman’s injuries meant she had to be winched off the cliff.

The air ambulance and Hazardous Area Response Team were also called to the scene.

A spokesperson for Beer Coastguards said: “We had to cut our way through a hedgerow to allow us to set up the equipment in the field behind.

“Our technician was lowered down the cliff but could not see the casualty until about 10 feet above her. He secured her into a harness to prevent her from falling over any further, he assessed her for any injuries and as these were minor injuries and she could walk we decided to winch them both back up.

“She had lost here shoes while slipping down the cliff so it was taken slowly not wanting to cause anymore injuries.

“She was safely brought to the top and handed over to paramedics for further treatment of injuries and shock.

“A life was undoubtedly saved.”

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