New summer coastal litter campaign launched

THIS summer, Litter Free Coast and Sea has developed a new anti-litter summer campaign called ‘Respect, Protect, Collect’, to encourage the public to act respectfully when visiting Dorset’s coastal resorts and always dispose of their rubbish responsibly.

Information will be shared via social media about the importance of individuals respecting, protecting and collecting up all rubbish they produce during beach trips.

Banners, posters and bin stickers will also be displayed along Dorset’s coastline this summer to remind the public while they are out and about to act in a respectful way and keep hold of their rubbish until able to dispose of it in a bin.

The campaign launched during last week’s half term holiday and will run throughout the summer season as it is anticipated that as lockdown restrictions further ease, Dorset will see many visitors and residents alike making the most of Dorset’s beautiful coastline with day trips and longer visits to our plentiful sandy beaches and coastal towns.

Carla Roberts-Owen from Litter Free Coast and Sea said: “We want to welcome everyone to Dorset to explore our wonderful beaches and coastal areas.

“In order for everybody to have the same enjoyable experience, we need people to act responsibly and dispose of their rubbish properly this summer, so that we can all enjoy our litter-free beaches.

“Please always clear up after yourselves and pop all rubbish you’ve created throughout the day in the bin when it’s time to go home.

“If the bin is full or there are no bins available, please do keep hold of your rubbish and take it home, whether that is your permanent address, or to your holiday accommodation to responsibly dispose of there.”

Litter left on beaches can be easily blown by wind into the sea where it accumulates and contributes to the growing issue of marine plastic pollution while also posing a risk to our marine ecosystems and animals.

Next time you head down to the beach, keep an eye out for the #RespectProtectCollect banners and posters, and remember to act responsibly by disposing of your rubbish properly.

For more information about the campaign, check out the Litter Free Coast and Sea website at

Tag Litter Free Coast and Sea and use the hashtag #RespectProtectCollect in your pictures and videos on social media showing how you #RespectProtectCollect the Dorset coast while visiting our golden beaches.

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