Dorset Police’s plans to go green hampered by budget constraints

By Local Democracy Reporter Trevor Bevins

DORSET police is willing to go ‘go green’ where it can, but is being hampered by budget constraints.

The force has already installed electric vehicle charging points at some police stations, including the Winfrith headquarters, so it can use more electric vehicles after a successful trial with a BMW.

Chief executive at the Police and Crime Commissioner’s office, Simon Bullock, said efforts were now being used to ensure the same charge points were installed by Devon and Cornwall, which the force works with, so that Dorset staff driving to Exeter could re-charge the vehicle while they were in a meeting.

He said that, ideally, it would be better if police forces, nationally, could decide on which vehicles to buy and which charging systems to install.

He asked if the force could do more to ‘green’ its activities, Mr Bullock: “We are willing and of course we could do more but, unfortunately, it comes down to finances.

“Would we like to have a rainwater recovery system at police HQ? Yes. Would we like to put solar panels on police hHQ? Yes.

“Unfortunately when you look at the cost benefits it’s difficult to prioritise that… these things come at a cost but we are exploring every opportunity to do what we can.

Police and Crime Commissioner Martyn Underhill said that eight key points which he pledged to do towards more sustainable working, had all been done.

Mr Underhill said that leader in the field in the region was Gloucestershire where 20 per cent of the police vehicle fleet was now electric.

“We are looking at Gloucester now to see what they have done,” he said.

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