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THE pandemic and national lockdowns have impacted people of all ages experiencing the constraints and frustrations caused by not being able to get out and about and do the things they once did.

For many older people, being limited in what they can do is not new. The lockdowns have only added to challenges they face and have been particularly hard; not being able to get out, but also family, friends others not being able to visit them.

Over the past 18 months, the isolation and lack of support have meant that even more people may now struggle to do the things that they always could.

Whilst supporting older people through the pandemic AGE UK North, South & West Dorset (NSWD) continues to receive enquiries from the community from people wanting some practical support and assistance around the home.

The charity has been working hard to increase capacity in readiness to provide home support to even more people across north, south and West Dorset as the lockdown eases.

If you are over 55 years of age or have a family member over 55 that could do with a little help and support around the home, the AGE UK NSWD Home Support Service is here for you.

The service provides practical support, taking care of the things you struggle with leaving you to do the things you can do.

From helping with the cleaning, paperwork, washing, ironing, using the computer or even travelling to the shops to buy groceries, the Home Support Service can assist in those everyday tasks.

The service does not provide personal care but does provide much-needed support to maintaining a good quality of life. Every day the Home Support Service makes a real and tangible difference to the lives of many people in the area.

Head of Home Support Sarah Hopcraft said: “We are delighted to have scaled up our ability to help more people in the area, we are particularly keen to hear from anyone who needs a bit of extra help around the home, providing practical assistance with everyday tasks.”

From one hour a week to more time as and when you need it, AGE UK can give you that extra pair of hands around the home.

For more information and to arrange home support, call the Home Support Team on 01305 269444 or email

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