Council grants more than £9,200 to Lyme Regis organisations

LYME Regis Town Council has handed out more than £9,200 in annual grants to community organisations. 

Local organisations were invited to apply for small grants of up to £1,000 in this latest round of grants, with 16 requesting a total of £13,233.99.

This came in at less than the council budget for community grants, which stands at £15,000.

However, the Mayor of Lyme Regis, Cllr Brian Larcombe MBE, emphasised at this week’s meeting that it was important for members to award grants on the merits of each application, and not just give all the money requested because they had the budget.

Councillors considered each application individually in alphabetical order.

Grants were awarded as follows: 

  • Axminster & Lyme Regis Cancer Support – £1,000 to provide creative workshops in art, creative writing, card-making and floristry to anyone who is, or has been, affected by cancer, including relatives and carers.
  • Dorset Youth Association – £300 for delivery of support services for youth clubs and groups, including The Hub.
  • Jazz Jurassica – £450 towards cost of performers, sound technicians and hire of equipment for the community strand of the festival.
  • Lyme Regis Community Support – £1,000 to improve social inclusion by providing laptops/tablets to elderly residents who have no access to internet services.
  • Lyme Regis Development Trust Community Workshop – £999 for safe and secure storage for the workshop and an external wood store for wood and projects under construction.
  • Lyme Regis Gig Club – £985 to equip one of the club’s Cornish pilot gigs with a set of sails, along with spars and fittings.
  • Lyme Regis Majorettes – £1,000 to upgrade the troupe’s music system.
  • Lyme Regis Pantomime Society – £999 to purchase a running cloth for the February 2022 production of ‘Peter Pan’.
  • The Parish of The Most Holy Trinity (St Michael & St. George Roman Catholic Church) – £1,000 for interior redecoration of the church, including cracking to the plasterwork, damp penetration, repairs to the balcony, repairs to stained glass windows and redecoration.
  • Turn Lyme Green / Plastic Free Lyme Regis – £500 for raising the profile and increasing knowledge of environmental matters that directly affect residents and visitors.
  • Uplyme & Lyme Regis Cricket Club – £1,000 for purchase of an electronic scoreboard.

The grant applications refused were as follows:

  • A £5,000 request from Hope Farm Garden to establish the basic infrastructure for a community garden and nursery, as councillors were concerned the project was based near Bridport and was not local to Lyme Regis.
  • A £1,000 request from Landance, a contemporary dance project coming to Lyme Regis in September 2021, including free workshops, paid assistant and associate roles for local young artists and free public performances. Councillors said the application did not make it clear enough how the money would be spent and how local young people would be involved.
  • A £500 request from Lyme Morris towards the cost of the Lyme Day of Morris, including hire of practice venue, shelters hire, advertising, administration, expenses, equipment and training. The application said money raised at this event would then be donated to other local organisations, which goes against the council’s grant policy.
  • A £1,000 request from Lyme Regis Boat Building Academy towards the conversion of first floor accommodation into a classroom/workshop space and extension of the mezzanine over the ground floor to enable a full cohort of students, as councillors felt this project did not engage enough with the local community.
  • A £1,000 request from Lyme Arts Development Company to continue the sculpture trail in Langmoor and Lister Gardens, as the council had just given a £2,500 grant to the same organisation from its Tourism, Community & Publicity Committee budget.
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