Police thank community for co-operation during lockdown

DORSET Police is thanking communities for their compliance and co-operation throughout COVID-19 restrictions, with a plea to keep up the good work and remain strong.

Throughout national restrictions earlier this year, the Dorset and Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole communities remained overwhelmingly compliant with COVID-19 legislation.

The majority of police and partner agency enforcement action earlier this year was against those from outside the area.

As we enter a second week of Tier 4 national COVID-19 restrictions, our communities are supporting the legislation requirements and helping to keep our communities safe.

The call from Dorset Police is for this to continue and for everyone to play their part in keeping COVID-19 rates across the region low.

Dorset Assistant Chief Constable Sam de Reya said: “The new national restrictions, although not as tight as earlier in the year, are tough, life changing and impact on everyone’s daily business. It is so important that we comply with them to ensure we protect our communities and our hospital admissions.

“The role of the police and our partner agencies is to educate, engage and encourage compliance so that enforcement remains a final option for us – my hope is it is something we don’t have to resort to in the vast majority of cases.”

The first week of Tier 4 national restrictions has seen 136 COVID-19 calls made to Dorset Police, with 30 of those calls on Saturday, November 7, and 31 on Sunday, November 8. The majority of these calls related to reports of people gathering in groups.

A total of five fixed penalty notices have been issued to enforce the COVID-19 legislation.

ACC de Reya added: “These figures show that people living in our region are acting responsibly and safely to protect themselves, their loved ones and their community.

“If we do receive reports of breaches and these are threatening the vulnerable or likely to cause significant risk of harm, police will take action that is reasonable and proportionate to the circumstances.

“We will respond to cases where people are breaching the legislation to reiterate the risks and ensure compliance. However, if we need to take enforcement action, we can and will do so.”

ACC de Reya said: “These restrictions are for now – they are not forever. Thank you all for playing your part now and the chances of a return to less stringent measures in December are increased.

“We will continue to follow national advice and guidance locally, but the message to our communities is stay strong and help us to keep you safe.”

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