Council employees take on new roles during COVID-19

council staffTHE current COVID-19 crisis has seen almost 250 Dorset Council employees take up temporary new roles to support frontline services.

From delivering essential supplies and supporting registration services, to helping household recycling centres and contacting those who were shielding – the employees have made a big difference. They’ve temporarily left their non-critical roles to provide support where it is currently most needed.

Dorset Council’s deputy leader, Councillor Peter Wharf, said: “We’re extremely proud that colleagues from all areas of the council have pulled together to help those at most need in our communities. This underlines the crucial role the council has to protect and serve our residents.”

As soon as the crisis hit, the council identified its critical services and matched employees working in lower priority services to provide much needed cover – to either deal with increasing demand or fill in for colleagues who were shielding.

All employees were invited to complete a questionnaire so the best use could be made of their skills. Once they were matched with a suitable role, an induction to their new place of work was provided, including training to help them do their new role.

Councillor Wharf continued: “These colleagues have made a great impact, and they’ve learnt the ropes incredibly quickly during this unprecedented time. The crisis has meant everyone has drawn on a determination to succeed and the council has been able to flex its resources to meet demands never seen before. I’m confident this sharing of skills, together with a practical approach will stand us in good stead for the future.”

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