Concerns that lack of parking is driving shoppers out of Lyme Regis

A number of on-street parking spaces were lost in Broad Street when the pedestrian crossing was created last year

LYME Regis is unlikely to see any additional parking spaces created in Broad Street, according to Dorset councillor Daryl Turner, despite concerns that lack of parking is driving shoppers elsewhere.

Questions were raised about the possibility of creating new on-street parking spaces at the recent annual town meeting, held virtually via video conferencing app Zoom.

Former town councillor Ken Gollop, who regularly raises parking and highways issues, asked if this would be possible after Lyme Regis lost several of its town centre parking spaces with the creation of the new pedestrian crossing in Broad Street.

He commented: “Now that we have lost half of our parking in upper Broad Street, it’s very difficult for some of us who have limited mobility to get a good parking space to go shopping in Lyme.

“Nowadays it’s easier for me to shop out of town, to go round Lyme Regis – Pound Street Silver Street and Pound Road – twice looking for a parking space.

“If I’ve got to park down in Cobb Gate and I want to go to the post office, by the time I’ve walked up there I’m knackered and there are several people like me, in my age group.

“Is there any chance of getting a public consultation with Dorset Council to look at parking in Broad Street? I think we could get another three or four spaces in Broad Street if people look at it properly.”

Mr Gollop said he believed there was space for one or two cars near Sherborne Lane, one more outside the Royal Lion Hotel if illegal parking outside the bookshop opposite was stopped, and possible one near the crossing depending on regulations regarding the zig-zag lines either side of the crossing.

“If we could get at least one more car near the crossing it would help us no end,” he added.

“I know now that several people don’t even bother to go to Broad Street to park, they go out of town and within five minutes they can park directly outside the shop they want.”

In response, Dorset Council’s representative for Lyme Regis, Cllr Daryl Turner, said that highways officers had already looks at Mr Gollop’s suggestions.

He commented: “The initial report on the crossing highlighted the parking impact on Broad Street and I remember that meeting decided the safety benefits outweighed the disadvantages.

“So we have actually had the highways people here, they did look at things like moving the bus stop and putting spaces in above it but none of that was found to be possible.

“I personally don’t think there is a way of getting more spaces there now within the legislative distances for crossings, bus stops and junctions.

“I can’t see the highways officers determining anymore parking spaces in Broad Street, I’m afraid.”

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