Charmouth writing competition winners announced

THE art of creative writing is alive and well in Dorset, with more than 120 short stories submitted to Charmouth Library’s recent writing competition. 

Writers of all abilities were invited to take on the challenging task of submitting a complete stories in just 50 words.

Winners were selected by the competition’s five judges, including writer Christmas Lakeman Fraser; local independent film producer Eric Harwood; Matthew Parris and Times columnist Anne Treneman.

Winners and runners-up were selected in three age categories, with an extra prize presented by Plastic Free Charmouth for the most thought-provoking, environmental story.

The winning stories can be read below and runners up can also be viewed at

Under 12 Class (joint winners)

The Murder of Mr Jones, by Poppy Dyer

I was called in to investigate the murder of Mr Jones.

‘Good evening detective!’ Said the police officer guarding the door.

I rushed inside to examine the body. I knelt down and discovered a blade in the base of his neck.

‘I said I’d get you back Jones’ I whispered.  

Short and Tweet, by Esme Skevington

The little bird hops and pecks, searching for juicy worms.

Delicate wings flutter, she tweets joyfully showing no signs of weariness. Agile as a snowflake she moves.

As she nears the final sweep of her wings, the key on her back dwindles to a stop. She is quiet and still.    Copyright Esme Skevington

 Aged 12 to 18 Class

Pluto, by Daisy Saint

It was inevitable. They all hated me.

Everything revolves around sun.

Uranus always acted cold towards me.

Jupiter was gigantic; I’m insignificant to him. Mercury was just glad it wasn’t her.

I thought Earth would save me.

But, I was banished from the family.  

Open Class

Heading for a colourful end, by Marianne Ashurst

I’m painting the bedroom,’ she says, ‘need a change. How about ‘Forever Rosy’?’


‘Melting moments?’

‘Too bold.’

‘Passion Fruit?’

‘Make’s me nauseous.’

‘Baby’s Breath?’

‘Definitely not!’

‘You choose then.’

He picks ‘Truly Beige’.

Later he finds the colour chart. ‘Sunshine’ is circled, in front of which is written, ‘Goodbye.’  

Plastic Free Charmouth (Environmental Award)

Floe, by Keith Richards

She was exhausted, helpless and alone. Except for what little was left of her home her world was blue, entirely blue. Her grasp into the softening floor was slipping away. Now unconscious, she slipped quietly down into her watery grave below. God wept. We had left it far too late.  

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