More volunteers needed at Charmouth Central

charmouth central
Charmouth Central acts as a community-run library and events venue

CHARMOUTH Central is looking for more volunteers to help run the community library and venue.

The library was scheduled for closure by Dorset County Council several years ago, but was re0-opened as a community library, run by volunteers, in 2013.

Chairman of Charmouth Central, Russell Teller, commented: “Now, after a steady five years, we’ve had some changes in the management committee of the library. Deb Winstone and Jane Clifford have stepped down after a lengthy and very effective term of duty.

“To provide more support Roger Sansom and I have joined the team – although we’re also hoping for one or two more new volunteers to help. The ladies who have retired are a hard act to follow!

“There is a wonderful spirit of camaraderie in the team: we’re here because we believe in what we’re doing. Books are an essential backdrop to civilised life.

“Unfortunately if we just ran the library on its own we wouldn’t acquire the funds to maintain the building, pay its essential overheads and offer additional services.

“As it is, we provide a venue for groups in the community at a very competitive rate. We provide a coffee bar and meeting place. Visitors from abroad make us their first choice for tourist information. At times our library staff give useful advice on diverse subjects especially local matters.

“We can stage culinary events such as food and wine tastings because we have the necessary entertainments licence. We are always being given books – too many sometimes – and we can sell these back to our visitors and make small increments to our revenues which help to provide the revenue to keep the roof over our heads.

“Charmouth, like Lyme, needs its non-profit sector, its public services as well as its shops and commercial undertakings . We trade in knowledge, and offer it freely.

“Charmouth Central is easy to get to and to stop at. Remember, we’re not just a library, we are a social centre and meeting place. You could hire us for an afternoon or evening at competitive rates.”

Upcoming events at Charmouth Central include ‘In Conversation’ evenings, starting in March, a cocktails and canapés event and book sales.

Mr Teller added: “If you’re in or around Charmouth. do drop in and come and see us. For several weeks at a time we have displays of local artists. Some of the items are for sale. It helps the artists who can display their work, and it helps the library who will collect a modest commission which all contributes to helping us continue as a library and community centre.”

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