Canoe club in rescue exercise with lifeboat crew

A MAJOR exercise involving Lyme Regis lifeboat crew and members of the Axe Vale Canoe Club has been hailed a success and a valuable contribution to improved safety at sea.

The exercise involved ten experienced kayakers and canoeists, and the scenario simulated a club member becoming ill.

The lifeboat crew located the ‘casualty’ using VHF transmission from kayakers and then assisted canoe club members and their kayaks from the scene of the incident to the Axe marina.

Mike McAlpine, RNLI volunteer community safety officer, said: “The key message was being able to call for help can save lives. On a small craft like a kayak carrying a PLB – Personal Locator Beacon – is always a good idea.

“A hand held VHF radio is worth considering, as well as a mobile phone in a waterproof pouch which works well on many parts of the near shore.

“The exercise was a success for both the lifeboat crew and the kayakers with important lessons being learned.”

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