Beach-goers warned to stay away from cliffs after rock fall in Charmouth

charmouth beach
Photo courtesy of Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre

COASTGUARDS have warned the public to stay away from cliffs in the Charmouth area, following a large rock fall yesterday (Monday). 

Lyme Regis Coastguards were called to reports of a large cliff fall to the east of Charmouth yesterday at 11.46am.

On arrival at the scene, it was found a section of the cliff had fallen, with other many areas of the cliff continuing to crumble and fall.

The team placed warning signs in the vicinity and warned the public that were in the immediate area.

They warned: “Please do not climb these cliffs or walk too close to them. The recent cold snap followed by the milder weather and the rain, significantly increases the risk of cliff falls and landslides.

“These collapses will happen without warning, so please be vigilant and stay safe.”

Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre, which is currently closed due to the national lockdown, has also taken to social media to warn against walking or fossil hunting near the cliffs, adding that the beach was noticeably busier due to the half term break.

The centre added: “At present please follow all coastguard advice regarding beach safety, and do not attempt to cross any cordon barriers.

“Always stay well away from the cliffs if you are out walking, but perhaps consider an inland daily walk over the next few days.”

The centre has also released the below safety video for those visiting the beach and you can find more safety advice at

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