Audience inspired by ‘Sea What’s There’ speakers

Inspiring guest speakers talked on the effect of plastic waste in our oceans

NEARLY 120 people and senior school children from all over Dorset and Devon attended environmental event ‘Sea What’s There’, held at the Marine Theatre in Lyme Regis last week, presented in partnership with Plastic Free Lyme Regis.

The evening started with some hard line facts from Ann Baker, who gave first hand insights of the significant challenge of ocean plastic pollution seen whilst sailing across the Atlantic and around the British Coast. This included some rather chilling research and facts on how our health is currently being affected too.

David Jones, founder of shared his experiences as a diver, media specialist and environmentalist by presenting an entertaining view on how plastic entered our lives and clearly defined what needs be done to combat the problems we’ve created. He also invited schools and colleges to take part in the Big Microplastic Survey.

After the interval, explorer, author and illustrator William Thompson of started the second half of the evening.

William explained the importance of tides and how this facilitates plastic pollution being moved around the world. He also told the audience of his next trip exploring how climate change is affecting our seas and the people around it and meeting those that are creating and auctioning solutions.

Morven Robertson, project manager of for Blue Marine ended the evening’s talks with a look at our own Lyme Bay and how positive change has and can be. She showed that by working with our local fisherman, government bodies, environmental agencies, groups and the community through, listening, meetings and education Lyme Bay can thrive and regenerate.

A lively question and answer session followed with many of the audience visiting the Plastic Free Lyme Regis stand before leaving.

Karen Durham-Diggins, who organised the event, commented: “’Sea What’s There’ bought together a wealth of information and ideas for the audience to take home with them.

“The overall theme from all of the speakers was that we have to halt our use of single use plastic, change our ‘throw away culture’ and find ways to clear up the mess we’ve created. What also was made clear was we have to do this now as we have reached a tipping point.

“Everyone who attended was asked to do something; lobby their MP, pick up plastic litter, join a beach clean or share what they heard or learnt. The consequences of doing little or nothing are too dire. We have had such positive feedback since the event and now we all have an opportunity to make a real difference by starting changing things locally.”

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