Local art group to exhibit at Town Mill

'Moonlight Sailing' from Morcombelake Art Group's 'Ways and Means' exhibition

THE Malthouse Gallery at Lyme Regis’ Town Mill will proudly host the Morcombelake Art Group’s (MAG) exhibition ‘Ways and Means: the process of image making’, illuminating how 12 local artists have worked over the past year to expand their working practice.

The new avenues explored by these artists have included experimenting with innovative mark making, collages, new printmaking techniques and varied approaches to drawing from life. The idea was to develop each artist’s repertoire and to show in this exhibition the initial ideas, sketches and experiments through to the final images.

MAG is a small artist co-operative based in Morcombelake. It exists to encourage, educate and develop its members through informal drawing and sketching forays, experimental print making workshops, painting, drawing from life, visiting exhibitions and an annual group exhibition.

While several of the group already exhibit individually, the group exhibition allows those who haven’t, to step up to the line and present their efforts for public scrutiny, an essential rite of passage.

At meetings, the emphasis is on using members’ skills to lead the sessions and cross-fertilise ideas through help and collaboration.  As most artists work alone, the feedback gained from the group can provide encouragement and support when trying out new ways of working as well as a necessary constructive critique.

The pooling of resources allows them to share a printing press and buy materials at bulk prices, but the real value is to be gleaned from the experience and knowledge of the more experienced members.

Ways and Means will be open daily from 10.30am to 4.30pm from April 6 to 18. Admission is free and further details can be found at www.townmillarts.co.uk

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