Dorset artist demonstrates coastal landscapes

LYME Regis Art Society members were given a treat last week when Dorset-based artist Joan Scott created a semi-abstract painting inspired by a harbour view of the Cobb.

Joan returned to art later in life after having a family, and learnt many of her techniques in classes in and around Bournemouth. Her inspiration for collage and mixed media came from time spent studying with Mike Bernard.

Members enjoyed looking at her detailed sketchbooks of Dorset coastal towns, as Joan described the different creative steps. Starting with a vague brown paper coastline for a background and a foreground of crushed eggshells and textured sand paste, Joan went on to use a wide variety of mixed media to bring her painting to life. Black lava past and white pumice paste where some of the more unusual textures.

Joan likes to make her own collage papers. Textured wallpaper, machine-stitched paper and corrugated card formed the different layers in the harbour walls, buildings and fishing boats. The sky and foreground were then covered with Indian Yellow acrylic ink – an unusual yet very effective choice. She then used a diffuser to blow dilute acrylic ink onto the textured surfaces.

Pieces of scrap mountboard were used to scrape ink forming the building rooves, windows and doors. Joan then used the edges of the mountboard dipped in dark ink to form the straight edges of the masts and rigging, and white ink to represent the light catching the ripples in the water.

To complete the painting, Joan used oil pastel crayons for detail – fenders, reflections and touches of light. The result was a picture with colour, texture and depth.

Examples of Joan’s work can be found at

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