Collograph demonstration for art society

art society jackie curtiss
Jackie Curtiss with her collograph print at the art society meeting

MEMBERS of Lyme Regis Art Society learnt all about collographs from their latest guest speaker, Jackie Curtiss.

A collograph is a print made from a printing block with a raised surface, rather than from a block where shapes and lines have been carved out – a lengthy and labour intensive procedure.

The surface is made from a collage of different textures and Jackie continually collects materials that catch her eye, like strips of mulberry bark or pieces of different leather, bubble wraps, seaweeds gauzes, netting – anything that will take the washable oil-based inks that she uses and print out an interesting pattern.

As she worked during her demonstration, she circulated examples of materials she uses and the beautiful prints they had made. Firstly, she covered a piece of mountboard with pva glue and then, working from her sketches and photographs of ammonites, she scratched rough outlines through the glue and cut them out.

Next, she filled in the wedge segments with triangles of different textured leathers and other materials with a circle of lace doily in the very centre. She stuck pieces of seaweed onto a base board, covering this with a fine muslin-type material to smooth the shapes and to create a sandy effect. Yellow ink was rolled across this and a print taken by smoothing on the printing paper using a round disc-like tool called a baren and also with the back of a spoon.

This print was then rolled over the inked ammonites to complete the design. Jackie said she never can tell exactly what the effects will be, which is what makes the process so fascinating.

Lyme Regis Art Society Society meets on alternate Tuesdays in the Woodmead Halls from 2pm to 4pm until the end of March. The next demonstration, ‘Seascape with Light and Atmosphere’ by Paul Dolman will be held on Tuesday, February 2nd.

Visitors and new members are always welcome. For further details, contact Sheila Stratton on 01297 445464 or go to

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