A colourful start to art society’s autumn season

Jake Winkle, known for his imaginative use of colour, gave a demonstration for Lyme Regis Art Society

LYME Regis Art Society opened its autumn programme with a dazzling demonstration by Jake Winkle, known for his imaginative use of colour.

Jake works on pre-stretched Arches 140 rough Aquarelle-a paper that absorbs wet washes evenly and allows second layers of paint without disturbing the first and as the new tapes seem to lack strength to hold damp paper straight whilst stretching, he now staples the edges.

He only uses primary and secondary colours set in the middle of a small palette with mixing trays all around the edge, and Kandinsky or Luxartis sable brushes with a rounded squirrel mop for the washes.

After scribbling and spattering masking fluid onto the paper using a rigger protected by a protective layer of soap, he painted the shadow areas of the face of a panda, creating one continuous shape, before adding the eye patches whilst that surrounding shadow was still wet, allowing a fuzzy boundary.

Starting with Cobalt Blue, bits of Cadmium Orange were added and merged, with this cool to warm combination adding luminosity. Holding his brush vertically, he put Alizarin Crimson with Winsor Green for the dark patches, allowing colours to mix on the page.

Sponging water from his brush, he painted in the iris of the eye and the nose with thicker Light Red before colouring the ear, fragmenting edges to soften them, and added flashes of colour to the other eye before drawing out dark whiskers and adding thick white hairs with gouache. Final touches of colour warmed the darker areas and a loose wash of Cadmium Orange gave a warm background.

He’d managed to convey the extreme darks and lights of the panda without using black whilst giving the image warmth and vibrancy.

After the break, he used the same technique to paint a fox’s head, combining and contrasting a kaleidoscope of colour, light and shade without losing the essential reality of the living animal.

It was an excellent start to our new term and Jake received warm and enthusiastic vote of thanks.

Lyme Regis Art Society meets on alternate Tuesdays at the Woodmead Halls from 2pm to 4pm until the end of March. The next meeting on October 2nd will include a demonstration by Joan Scott entitled ‘Coastal Scenes in Mixed Media’.

Visitors and new members are always welcome. For further details, contact Sheila Stratton on 01297 445464 or go to www.lymeregisartssociety.org.uk

Woodmead Halls

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