Why it’s important to vote in the election

voteNO one will be surprised that no one wanted to stand for election to fill the vacancy on Lyme Regis Town Council caused by the death of Stan Williams.

Who can blame them and does it matter whether there is 12 or 14 councillors? All they seem to do is bicker and insult each other.

It is important, however, that we should have a representative on Dorset Council who will act with dignity and I urge the council taxpayers of Lyme to turn out in force to fill the position so admirably held by Daryl Turner.

Study the election addresses carefully and vote for the candidate who you feel will best represent our interests and earn the respect of other councillors at County Hall.

Being the furthest town west in Dorset, we need a councillor who can ensure Lyme is never sidelined.

Frank Allen
(by email)

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  1. Dear editor,
    I would like to ask if it is possible to
    put the updated post below in place of my initial one which had a number of grammatical errors?
    The errors are removed and replaced with a few new additional comments.
    Thanks for your help and understanding.
    Kind regards.

    I’m not a Lyme Regis resident, but the borough I reside in has local elections.
    By coincidence,one particular Councillor in my part of town intends to step down in May.
    Like Cllr Daryl Turner, this one proved to be a much needed blessing and asset to a council that has an uninspiring reputation for incompetence.
    The effect upon local residents is often understandably negative and the turn out in this May’s local election may reflect the consistent lack of a good bunch of people to represent them.

    I, for one, find myself wondering what’s the point in casting a vote
    when time has shown that exceptional Councillors tend to be few and far between?
    Further to that, on the ‘rare occasions’ when votes brings forth a number of good, trustworthy,caring and competent Councillors,
    the bad ones tend to obscure the good.
    That’s certainly the case in my neighborhood.
    As a result, faith among local residents for their elected representatives is often weak.
    I wonder how long it will take to change that unhelpful cycle?

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