Whoever is rebuilding our cinema, please consider the seats!

Regent CinemaI KNOW we are not meant to be asking questions about our cinema in Lyme Regis and the individual who has recently bought it, but I just had to make an observation about the Radway Cinema in Sidmouth and how it might affect our cinema.

My husband and I ventured out to see the latest Bond film on the big screen last Friday, having not been to the cinema for about three years or so!

It was a big decision; a late start in the evening so a late finish, money for petrol to get there, a longish journey and then £10 or so for each ticket.

So what was my complaint? The seats are not staggered and they should be!

They are plush and red and comfortable in the main auditorium but with no one in front of me I was happy, and excited to see all the action on the big screen.

Then a tall man comes in and sits with his wife in the two seats in the row in front, and suddenly I can’t see a thing!

Sure, I could have spent the whole evening diving from one side of his head to the other, but why should I have to?

It was then I realised that the seats were not staggered and it made me cross. Why go to the cinema when we see clearly at home on our fairly big-screened TV? And hear well, too, as we have wireless sound loops.

But we did not think that by going to see this film we would not have a clear view of the screen.

Fortunately, the kind gentleman moved along one seat and my husband is taller, and the same man had to cuddle closer to his wife so he could see better!

So my plea is… when (not, I hope, ‘if’) our cinema is given back to us in some form or other, please, whoever is in charge of putting in the seats, have a good elevation between one row and the next and stagger the seats!

I hope this gets through to the right person.

Monica Simpson
(by email)

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