There’s more to Lyme’s history than Mary Anning!

dear editor letterIT is great news that Andy Rattenbury has written a community play on ‘Lyme and the Sea’ (LymeOnline, September 17).

Lyme does have a history before and after Mary Anning!  As the author of ‘Ebb and Flow, The Story of Maritime Lyme 774-2010’, I hope that it will include an important aspect that my research revealed.

Lyme has a really early record of a merchant ship voyage in 1069, from Lyme to York. How the voyage came about and why it is recorded is an interesting story and needs to be better known!

There are many other aspects of our maritime history that are often overlooked, such as the Slave Trade, the Newfoundland Cod Fishery, Lyme seamen taken captive and held to ransom, the long history of ship building going back to the Lyme Galley of 1294 and much more that is detailed in my book.

I hope that the information meetings will provide an outline of just what will be included in the play.

Peter Lacey
Fairfield Park, Lyme Regis 

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