Term ‘sheep worrying’ trivialises actions of out of control dogs

sheepWITH reference to your article ‘Sheep worrying a cause for concern in Uplyme’ in LymeOnline (April 1), I would like to comment on the term that is used to describe what happens to livestock. 

‘Worrying’ is a word which trivialises this particularly nasty and damaging behaviour from out-of-control dogs.  I love dogs but am aware that some will attack livestock if not controlled.

Many dog owners find it difficult to believe that their dog could kill, severely injure, traumatise and cause pregnant ewes to abort.  Some animals are so badly injured that they have to be put down.

It is not just about the amount of money lost by farmers, but also about extreme distress to the livestock and owners as well as to rural communities.

The word ‘worrying’ needs to be changed; the simple fact is that some dogs will attack livestock so let’s not deceive ourselves.

‘Livestock attacking’ is a term which more realistically describes what can actually happen.

Ros Cole,

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