Ring & Ride bus can help you get out of the house

dear editor letterMY name is Sandra Ward and I am chairman of the Axe Valley and West Dorset Ring and Ride.

To all our past and present passengers and to all the wonderful councils like Lyme Regis who support us and so many individuals, who donate – Happy New Year.

The bus is now running every day to do the shopping trips, to places like Bridport, but we are missing a few of the regular passengers we used to carry before this dreadful COVID happened.

We miss you. We still carry quite a few people (everyone is masked, etc) and they are missing you too.

I, like many, because of health, have been inside for a long time now but on Tuesday I went out on the bus. Sitting up high I could see so much of the countryside and, though I did only a small amount of shopping, I throughly enjoyed being able to make choices and treated myself to some daffodils.

I am sure there are many old and new customers who would also benefit for just a short while out and about, so please give us a call and book a seat if you have difficulty in assessing a public bus service due to age, etc. We collect and bring you back on a door-to-door basis.

I do hope you will try our service and look forward to seeing on the bus. A warm welcome awaits you from our friendly drivers.

For more details please ring Jane, our co-ordinator, in normal office hours on  07510 255 965.

Thank you for reading this.

Sandra Ward
(by email)

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