Our needs are not identical – compromise is needed on dog free beach and dining

dogIT is vital a point that should be made, regarding the letter in last publication (LymeOnline, February 18) related to assistance dogs for both adults and children to access areas normally not allowed for dogs.

Am I right to think both children and adults have an official card in order that it avoids any misunderstanding, so that enjoyment can be had by all?

If a simple proof of identity is provided then it stops those who abuse these rights from people who clearly need them. One example is the car permits people carry in their cars.

It is clear many visitors come in to Lyme Regis purely to walk their dogs. For those who do not find the terrain easily accessible, it may be an easier option to approach a more user-friendly, less hilly access.

One example can be Seaton, however, let’s acknowledge the landscape is natural and access can be challenging to all levels of fitness, in numerous parts of the UK.

Instead of an unhealthy, and sometimes a frightening experience, to be able to walk the beach for those dog-free humans, there has indeed been a good compromise made.  That is, for owners and their pet dogs (on leads) to be allowed on the beach at certain times of the year in a way that everyone can enjoy a beach walk at any time.

I for one enjoy that total freedom of walking the beach without fear of someone’s pet dog bounding towards me in a threatening way. I too can now re-enjoy the pleasure of a beach walk. I am thankful for this simple pleasure.

Sadly, this freedom is not there in most eateries where there can be several dogs lying along between tables, or sitting on their owner’s lap, sometimes on the table.

I need not amplify this issue as I am sure most of your readers will have experienced some of these unhygienic actions of both pets and their owners. This type of scenario is now avoided by many who do not enjoy dining out in such an environment.

Perhaps a specific time slot or set days could work for those with their pets to enjoy their meals out together. Then again, a specific time slot for those dog-free customers who enjoy a relaxed meal out, without someone’s pet dog lying alongside or mooching around, munching leftovers and so on.

Let’s face it, everyone needs a break from cooking, but we have to accept all our needs are not identical.

It would be appreciated by dog-free customers if café and restaurant owners give some consideration to the above suggestion.

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