Not just a village store

uplyme garageI need to go to Uplyme Store,
For diesel and a few things more.

I get my mask and cash and bags,
To purchase bread, milk, paper and fags.

Cards and mags and silver foil,
Just past the shelf of motor oil.

I’ll post a letter and buy a card,
Maybe look for a block of lard.

Compost, coal kindling and logs,
There’s even a place to tie your dogs.

I’ve got my bread, now for some jam,
Hold on, I’ve forgotten ham.

To Pat and Jill and Sonia too,
Who try to do the best for you.

Other names have slipped my mind,
Though all the staff are very kind.

You see, it isn’t just a village store,
It offers us all so much more.

To lose it is something that we dread,
With no village store Uplyme’s dead.

Diana Hunt
(by email)

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