LETTER: Uplyme filling station and shop a ‘necessity’

uplyme garageIT is unthinkable that there might be even a possibility of losing Uplyme Filling Station, shop and post office – an immensely valuable asset to the community (LymeOnline, November 22).

Uplyme has the only garage for miles, and the shop and post office are key services for residents and visitors alike – particularly essential to so many local residents who are elderly or have difficulty travelling further afield.

Certainly easy access to a local general shop was a necessity on my list when considering moving to this area and I’m certain I am not alone in that.

Surely – especially after all the time that the school has been in the planning – it cannot be beyond the wit of the council to come up with a sensible scheme that delivers a new school without endangering the sustainability of such a vital amenity for us all.

Ros Cliffe
(by email)

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