LETTER: SUV drivers should take note of climate change disaster

car exhaustIT astonishes and massively offends me how many of my generation are currently driving around Lyme or visiting Lyme in their huge vehicles.

I am horrified how very many of the 60+ babyboomers clearly do not care for the environment.

Every time I drive up Pound Street, which is a lot, I am having to mount the pavement because some geriatric is hammering down it, clearly not in control of the slightest sense of awareness that his SUV is the width of Chesil Beach.

And then the irritating fossils can’t park it without a) a month of Sundays, and b) taking over half of the space which was previously beside it.

Anyone over the age of 70 should be shouted at to start giving a damn about the climate change disaster, which they and my generation created.

I am disgusted by our lot, absolutely disgusted.

Geoff Baker,
Sidmouth Road, Lyme Regis

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