LETTER: Opening car parks gives green light to inconsiderate few

holmbush car parkI UNDERSTAND that we need to keep the economy going and to help local business to keep going, but I feel by opening car parks it gives the inconsiderate few a green light to do what they please.

Only yesterday morning there were three campervans in Holmbush car park before 7am that looked like they had been there all night!

The police really need to clamp down on this and fine them rather than just move them on, as I feel this would be the only real way to deter them.

It just puts everyone in the town at a greater risk from this awful virus as you have pointed out the local population is at a higher risk.

I myself am caring for my wife who has cancer and really don’t appreciate the influx of people from out of this area, and just ask for people to think about their actions before they go out for a day at the beach.

Would they feel the same if loads of people turned up where they live?

Phil Ward
(by email)

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