LETTER: Not another statue!

WHAT is the point of yet another statue? Lyme has a history can be traced back to 774, over the centuries there have been numerous notable people and many historic events, the town has a remarkable heritage.

I have long advocated that we should celebrate that heritage in its entirety. The Marine Parade shelters would make a suitable setting for a pictorial display of our history from port to resort, such a display would cover every aspect of Lyme’s well documented history.

The cost would be nothing like the ridiculous sum being quoted for the Anning statue. Such a display would I am sure encourage visitors to visit the museum, it would also brighten up the appalling dismal state of the shelters.

For inspiration I suggest the town council and residents visit the Jubilee Shelter in Beer, they know how to present a history time line. If Beer can do it, then why not us?

If you feel as I do then make your feelings known to the decision makers, before we get yet another seagull perch.

Peter Lacey,
Fairfield Park, Lyme Regis

Woodmead Halls

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