LETTER: NHS neglected by government

IT was galling to see MP Chris Loder pulling pints at the Volly, pledging support for the NHS and confirming his determination to get Brexit done (LymeOnline, August 7).

He should reflect that 10 years of government NHS neglect resulted in a woeful lack of resource and preparation for treatment of the COVID epidemic resulting in the worst per capita death rate in the developed world.

He should also be reminded that half the UK population did not want to leave the European Union and the last thing the country will need to recover from the current economic turmoil is a barrier to trade with our single most important export market.

The massive number of young unemployed people, the majority of whom did not vote for Brexit, will be hard pushed to join Mr Loder for a pint the Volly.

Chris Elmore,
Lyme Regis

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