LETTER: Mentality of beach-goers who leave rubbish behind is ‘awful’

Litter left on Lyme Regis seafront over the weekend (photo by Jeanette Goodridge)

I WITNESSED this today (Sunday, May 31) at 5am. One poor council worker was trying to clean up; his transport would not have been big enough to load it all into.

The council needs to address this. The mentality of the people visiting Lyme Regis is awful, the way they dump their rubbish and leave broken bottles on the beach. They should ban glass from the beach.

People can carry their cases of beer to the beach but they are too lazy to take their empties home. I spoke to other locals today they are all appalled.

I walk everyday there and see this everyday since the lockdown rules have changed. Also, lots of dogs still going on the beach even though they are now banned, they think they can get away with it that early in the morning.

I told two lots that dogs are not allowed on the beach but there was far more.

I will keep photographing this daily seeing as the council cannot be bothered to get out of their beds and see fit themselves.

Jeanne Goodridge
(by email)

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