LETTER: Is this corporate fly-tipping?

Coils of cable have been left around Uplyme after Gigaclear lost its contract to deliver fibre -optic broadband to the village

FOR the last year coils of ugly orange fibre optic cable has been dumped and in Gore Lane and Venlake in Uplyme by Gigaclear.

The UK internet service provider Gigaclear were appointed to rollout the ‘Connecting Devon and Somerset’ super fast broadband project.

They have recently had their contract cancelled by Devon County Council due to their poor performance. Which means Uplyme residents may have to put up with the dumped cabling for another two years, while Devon County Council’s now Super Slow Broadband Contract is reallocated.

Devon County Council are anticipating going out to tender for the problematic Phase 2 Uplyme Broadband project in December 2019. The outcome of this supplier hunt in unlikely to be known until the end of 2020, which means no new roll out will probably begin until sometime in 2021.

It’s very disappointing that Devon County Council have allowed this eyesore orange cabling to be dumped for over a year in Uplyme.

I can’t believe Uplyme Parish Council, who do such a great job in looking after the village, will allow this abandoned cabling to remain for another two years.

For further information see ISPreview.co.uk (Devon UK Council Reaffirms Commitment To Broadband Rollout Blog – October 4 2019).

Marcus Dixon,

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