LETTER: Is a beach the right place for a protest?

WITH the weather this summer being exceptional we decided as a family to make the journey from our home in Northampton to your beautiful town of Lyme Regis. A long weekend away.

On arrival we naturally, once settled, headed for the sandy beach area – our favourite spot. Only, on this occasion, we were confronted with a small group of people holding placards. We soon realised that the placards were part of a demonstration, a protest against Donald Trump. Yes, in Lyme Regis.

Is a beach, where people choose to go to relax and unwind, an appropriate outlet for such an ‘event’? My main gripe, however, was the offensive and unnecessary language printed on clothing. All ready drawn to the placards, we read four-letter expletives, clearly meant to be seen. As a mother of two young children, I was particularly upset and angry.

There is a time and a place for this kind of activity. A public beach with families consisting of children is most certainly not one of them. I do hope that in future the organisers spend more time considering their surroundings and choose to wear less offensive clothing. As adults, we expect more.

Sue and Brian Manning,

Woodmead Halls

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