LETTER: Here’s to the next 50!


WE would like to congratulate LymeOnline and its team of contributors on the 50th edition of our local paper (January 24), so excellently produced and now developing into other communication areas to keep us all so well informed on local matters.

It is also a wonderful way you have a band of people who will deliver to us when we are unable to easily get out. On the very odd occasion when that has not been possible it is like being without some bit of one’s life and realising how detailed the content is for taking part in our community as well as having all the news.

The high quality of those of you who contribute is way beyond that of many papers who would consider themselves superior.

The printed word is still an essential for many who live in Lyme. However, it is wonderful to have the use of the media and the new ventures are also much appreciated and used.

Here’s to the 100th!

Audrey & Keith Vivian,
Sidmouth Road, Lyme Regis

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