LETTER: ‘Hello, Dolly!’ show was special for many reasons

The cast of ‘Hello, Dolly!’ take to the stage for the finale accompanied by a live band (photo by Philip Evans)

MY husband and I enjoyed a very special performance of ‘Hello, Dolly!’ from Lyme Regis Musical Theatre at the Woodmead Halls in May. It was special for several reasons.

As it approaches its 100th anniversary in 2020/2021 the group has evolved with the years as things change, but still has the core of local family names in each production using their particular skills and talents.

Now we see the wider community of our area joining together as each production, under excellent direction, becomes more professional and is supported by audiences from the wider area too, and those who joined as children are now adult performers.

The Woodmead Halls offered a splendid venue with excellent acoustic and vision of the wider stage. Above all, for we older folk, very easy and good parking. And many of us are older and are only able to come if we have easy parking.

On a personal note the ice creams were delicious and the bar easily accessible. We are so fortunate in our small town to have two such venues, and we have in our theatre, too, a vital and buzzing place with amazing talent performing most nights and adapting to the needs of the community as they arise. For instance showing films which our cinema would normally have.

We must not forget too the amazing music from the church, again serving a wider and different audience. We are only 3,500 approx. in population, we are so lucky to have all this and need to support what we have.

Time passes and though change is sometimes hard to get used to, it quickly becomes part of life. For these reasons we thank all of those involved in the performance we saw, special for so many reasons. Please do it again!

Audrey & Keith Vivian,
Sidmouth Road, Lyme Regis

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Woodmead Halls