LETTER: Film funding should go to food bank

Oscar-winning actresses Kate Winslet pictured meeting local schoolchildren while filming scenes for ‘Ammonite’ in Lyme Regis (photo by Janet Wraith)

IT was good to read on the LymeOnline website that the town council has confirmed that the makers of the Mary Anning movie ‘Ammonite’ have donated £15,000 to the town, to be used for a worthy cause.

Apparently the size of this donation was ‘leaked’ weeks ago, can’t imagine by whom.

There has been much suggestion that the money should go towards the £175,000 cost of creating a Mary Anning statue down at Cobb Gate, or else given to some sort of youth project.

Those ideas have their merits but, given that Mary Anning was often poorer than poor in her time, might it not be more fitting, and ‘worthy’, if the £15,000 was donated to help feed those residents whose families sadly depend on our food bank?

At a time when we live in a Lyme in which some of our community cannot afford food, a grotesque blot on our social landscape, I am not convinced that Mary Anning would want the money to be spent on adulation when the modern likes of her are near starving.

Geoff Baker
Sidmouth Road, Lyme Regis

Woodmead Halls

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