LETTER: Every little helps when tackling plastic

I WAS delighted to see that you printed the letter from Sally Holman [November 10] regarding the plastic on the beaches, particularly on Armistice Day.

I too, was out there on that morning, horrified by what I saw. Faced by the task of wondering where and how to begin, in a very short period of time I had filled a large bag (obtained from SWIM) with bottles, bottle tops, remnants of fireworks, children’s spades, plastic bags and of course the inevitable nurdles and short pieces of plastic twine.

I enjoy cleaning up the beach, always alone, and derive what I can only describe as a strange pleasure from relocating different sizes of plastic from the sand to the hungry refuse bins waiting nearby. A year ago, I would have felt quite uncomfortable doing this. Now I feel uncomfortable if I don’t! Sometimes people stop me and say positive encouraging words.

I do understand that for many, bending down repeatedly is uncomfortable, especially for those with mobility or blood pressure issues, but thinking that some form of marine life might have been spared by just 20 minutes of beach clearing makes me feel happier.

Plastic pollution really is our problem. It will not go away unless we change our endless consumption of unnecessary goods and leave a much bigger mess for our children and grandchildren to clear.

We are all so privileged  to live in this beautiful place, on this magical planet. I personally feel  a responsibility to give something back, even if its only a few minutes. Please don’t feel overwhelmed, every little helps.

Mahatma Gandhi’s wise words echo in my head, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’

Jo Smith Oliver
Chairman, Turn Lyme Green

Woodmead Halls

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