LETTER: Dogs should not be punished for their irresponsible owners

dog on beachIT’S that time of year again. Summer is over, schools have gone back and the mass of summer visitors have returned home with a warm feeling for Lyme Regis.

Now we residents look forward to a new season of good will, or so I hoped. Why is it that at the same time each year the dog control chorus raises its ugly head again?

During the summer months I have had the privilege of free roaming Monmouth Beach and enjoyed every moment with the exception of having to dodge spent barbecues, buried soiled nappies, grossly overflowing rubbish bins, and plastic waste, all generated by human beings.

I can only conclude that a small percentage of human beings are incapable of clearing up after themselves or putting excess waste in a black sack and taking it home.

Based on the above I can understand why all human beings should not be banned from Monmouth Beach because of the misdemeanour of a few.

So why is it that, because of the indiscipline of a few dog owners, should we dogs all be banned from the front sandy and pebble beaches?

It’s not us, you know, it’s a few irresponsible owners who are at fault as we, unlike humans, are not always able to regulate our most basic functions.

My owners and I have concluded that it would be right and proper for the council to employ a dog owner warden (note the word ‘owner’ in the title), armed with the ability to stamp out the current abuse of a few dog owners and not to introduce a blanket ban on us responsible beach users.

I have trained my owners well, they always pick up after me so why not the guilty few? They, my owners, tell me that nearly all dog owners are sick of the few irresponsible members of the dog owner community who allow their dogs to foul the pavements and beaches and they, like me, request that the town council will address the cause and not impose a blanket solution on all us well behaved dogs and their owners.

I like us all enjoy the freedom of running on the sand, in and out of the sea and on the shingle beach during the winter months.

Bracken P (Springer Spaniel),
Lyme Regis

Woodmead Halls

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