LETTER: Dogs in restaurants: probably profitable but is it hygienic?

dog on beachAN interesting and somewhat misleading and unsubstantiated response to my letter by Mr Orr featured in the last issue of LymeOnline (January 24), with quite a lot of use of the words ‘majority’, ‘many’ and ‘hatred’.

The author is quite correct when saying “owners clear up after their dogs”, evidenced by one of the previous letters (by Richard Hendrix) to the paper, which described how the owner of a dog washed its mess onto the beach where children were playing and putting pebbles in their mouths.

Furthermore, bags of mess can be found slung into hedgerows and at a certain coastal boat club in Lyme behind the picket fence.

As for businesses, I would prefer not to be dining in the same vicinity as a ‘small pony’ type dog. The dogs slobber and the mess is consequently mopped up with the drinking bowl contents, while other diners are doing what you do in a restaurant. Hygienic? Probably profitable for the business concerned.

As for the author’s reference to ‘namby pamby’, perhaps ‘sticks and stones’ is appropriate. Over and out!

J.F.D. (full name and address supplied)

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