LETTER: Dog beach ban will put off visitors

dog on beachAS I live locally I visit Lyme Regis on many occasions. However, if the mayor gets his way and bans dogs from the beaches I am afraid to say that our family and friends, all who have dogs, will not be visiting Lyme Regis in the future.

It feels like an unfriendly town when it comes to dogs. I understand the problems that a few cause, but then so does smoking/vaping, as well as drinking outside. Are they going to be banned? I think not.

If this ban happens I see a lot of summer visitors staying away, going to other more dog friendly areas.

With all that’s going on at present, many more are staying in the UK and many more visitors could be expected in the future.

Don’t suffer because of the few.

I.A (Full name and address supplied)

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