LETTER: Disappointed no local traders at food festival

The council had hoped to make the flat roof area more suitable for events such as food festivals

I WENT to the food festival yesterday (Saturday), but was very disappointed that Lyme Regis council allowed a company that brought outside traders to do this, rather than local businesses.

It is well known that Lyme Regis high street struggles and takes less when there are events on the seafront and this would have been a perfect opportunity to support the local businesses.

This was blatantly obvious by the lack of people in the main shopping area and chatting with people who have businesses in town, who expressed that they were having a quiet day.

Lyme Regis has a wonderful wealth of great eating places. Surely it would have been better to support them rather than bring in other non-local businesses. It is really not sustainable and not supporting of the local food movement.

This area has a massive wealth of producers and eateries and it would have been a perfect opportunity for them.

I think it is appalling that the council did this to them and I made a point of not eating or drinking at the food festival, but did enjoy the local busking festival. I am very disappointed and sad for the lack of support for businesses in Lyme from the town council.

I am sure, and in fact I know, that one local business person would have arranged the whole food festival in return for having a stall, and they would have still had revenue from local businesses paying to have a stall. Yet another amazing missed opportunity from the town council.

Also there is no park and ride in Sidmouth Road, which is very unsupportive of local businesses again this year. I really do think the school could profit from running one from the school grounds in holidays and earn some much-needed revenue too.

Sophie Graves
By email

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Dorset Street Food Festival was organised by Street Food Warehouse, not Lyme Regis Town Council, although the council allowed permission for the use of Marine Parade for the event.

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