LETTER: Council should learn from our past and make peace

AN open letter to Lyme Regis Town Council:

I would like to express how well everyone conducted themselves publicly over the Armistice weekend. Both with regards to the public cohesion with councillors, visitors and locals, all out in force for such a memorable weekend as well as simple actions such as free parking at the Cobb car parks, so simple, but so poignant.

You would not believe how many locals came up to me to ask, “why can’t we all work and enjoy things together in this way all the time, we always seem to be battling, stop!”

This reflects on recent discussions and actions by the council expressed in the media over the past weeks as well as the past decades. Of course, this is referring to the manner in the way some of the councillors conduct themselves in the chamber and around the town.

There has been many comments in the papers and from people around town about the way items are addressed at meetings. As you know, I have not been to any meetings of late, but my feeling is nothing has changed in the way councillors conduct themselves.

You, Lyme Regis Town Council, are setting a bad example, not only to the town but also to the next generation. All this personal self-display and targeting of comments towards other councillors, who are your comrades in the battle to make our town great again.

You were elected or chosen to represent the voice of the townspeople, not to be the creators of anymore conflicts.

We have all been reminded of history over this poignant weekend and surely this is a tap on the shoulder to all to sit around the table and work out a solution peacefully before you fire the first bullet. Let’s hope you can reflect on what I, and many, have said for a long time.

Nigel Ball,
Talbot Road, Lyme Regis

Woodmead Halls

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