LETTER: Council consultation should be open in evening

WITH regards to the council’s upcoming open day on Thursday, November 21, I think the council should be encouraged to be there in the evening as well.

It’s bingo night – maybe some of the ladies would have a say then but wouldn’t or couldn’t go in the day.

I also think it would signal that they appreciate some people have to go to work – Lyme doesn’t just consist of the rich, the idle, the retired, the unemployed and full-time home-makers.

I think to be ‘inclusive’ they should cater for people who are out of town that afternoon. I think that would be a success if only one person turned up.

Hopefully it would be more; I usually work on the elections and am quite surprised how many people come in the evening (especially with the bar open!).

Joan Gollop,
Fairfield Park, Lyme Regis

Woodmead Halls

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