LETTER: Corporate fly-tipping in Uplyme?

Coils of cable have been left around Uplyme after Gigaclear lost its contract to deliver fibre -optic broadband to the village

UPLYME Parish Council is in full agreement with the letter from Marcus Dixon (LymeOnline, October 11) regarding coils of cables left in the village.

Over recent months we have attempted to contact both Gigaclear and Broadband@Devon with no response. Latterly, the parish council has been helped by county councillor Ian Hall in attempting to resolve the issue.

Since then a new organisation, Connecting Devon and Somerset (CDS), has been in contact with us. The latest email was received today (Tuesday) stating that Gigaclear has informed the Devon Highways enforcement team that actions are being put in place to rectify the issues, which we assume only refers to road damage, such as the subsidence on Lyme Road opposite the Uplyme War memorial.

There is no mention of the coils of orange fibre-optic cable left lying around the village, nor of the hazardous holes out of which it appears.

Mr Dixon is quite correct in his assertion that it could be two years until a new contract is in operation. We have therefore written to Neil Parish MP requesting that he assist in resolving this issue.

We point out in the letter that the village lies within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the fact that the unsightly coils may be left for such a length of time is completely unacceptable. The same applies to the health and safety hazard caused by the unfilled holes.

In addition, we are given to understand that any new contractor will not utilise the work already done and will start afresh. The letter states that this is a waste of government (taxpayers’) money.

Finally, our letter points out that the government made the provision of fibre broadband to country districts a central issue in the Queen’s Speech. We are therefore hoping for a positive response.

Councillor Chris James,
Chairman, Uplyme Parish Council

Woodmead Halls

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