LETTER: ‘Ammonite’ funding should help residents out of food poverty

Oscar-winning actresses Kate Winslet pictured meeting local schoolchildren while filming scenes for ‘Ammonite’ in Lyme Regis (photo by Janet Wraith)

I WOULD like to applaud Geoff Baker’s suggestion in the last issue of LymeOnline (July 5), that the donation from the filmmakers of ‘Ammonite’ should go to the town foodbank.

There are a number of worthy causes in our town and I would suggest the town council make this money available to benefit those people who I feel Mary Anning would like to have helped.

I’m not entirely sure what the filmmakers are suggesting by leaving a “legacy”, but surely helping to lift some of our residents out of food poverty would be a good and worthy start?

William Tidyman
(by email)

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