Is there really need for all this change in Uplyme?

uplyme garageTHROUGH your paper I would very much like to say how sorry I was to hear that we are to lose the post office facility and maybe the garage in Uplyme. Maybe this is the sign of the times to come.

This community asset has been a lifeline to many over the years, creating local employment and being a central hub of the village. If this asset closes Uplyme will become yet another drive through village and just a route to the sea.

I for one do not know details about the proposed new school but it appears that entrances to both the proposed new school and garage seem to be causing some conflict amongst many.

I ask myself why build a new school anyway (I am sure there are reasons thought by many). I am told there are nearly 200 pupils at Uplyme school at present (I may stand corrected) and of that number only a third are from the Uplyme village itself.

With the current situation with the climate, and patterns ever changing, why build a school on a flood plain (look at recent flood issues highlighted in this paper and the location of this site at the lowest point in the valley)? Why are we encouraging people to travel to Uplyme school (Good Ofsted report no doubt and an appeal process that is not working)?

Numbers should not have got to this level so that we require a new school. Children should be going to local schools, building a sense of community, not travelling the roads putting stress on parents and polluting the atmosphere with unwanted fumes.

There should be no need to have a new school built in Uplyme, wasting valuable open green space. We all don’t like change, that is true, but we need to put the brakes on sometimes, and look at what is best for our planet and our community.

I for one have taken a step back after recently having an article withheld from publication in a parish magazine. This was due to it being of a controversial nature and may have stirred up the village; there was no intention for it to do this.

Sometimes you have to be true to yourself and be out spoken to get your voice heard.

I, for one, was not in favour of the reordering of Uplyme Church a few years back, at a vast expense to the limited coffers, especially when we can use buildings as they are, in a correct manner and for their intended use. This would preserve limited resources and money, surely this is the way to go.

The village has a selection of communal buildings that are not used to their full potential. Is it not time that everyone from different committees got together and helped each other out?

This is a sense of community worth fighting for. No new school needed. No major projects that we can ill afford, just a village coming together in harmony and working things out.

I would have thought through, and beyond, the pandemic we would have learnt something. Partially working from home, partially learning online at home, less pollution, less wasting resources and a happier place to live, leading to a cleaner and harmonious environment for our next generations.

Come on Uplyme, step up to the challenge. And finally, for those of you that I have not managed to get a copy of my withdrawn poem to, here goes:

Changes in life

People never like changes in life, it is plain to see,
Speak to anyone, like you or me.

Builders building houses, where green fields lay before,
Or a wooden floor put down, where tiles were on the floor.

The most important thing about change, is it for the best?
Just like you change your jumper, or throw out an old vest.

Think about the impact, it has on village life,
Discuss with your family, children and your wife.

Money that is spent, reordering a place,
Could lose its character, of time and space.

We know that time does not stand still, and change is for the few,
But before the change is made, consider me and you.

Buildings have a heart, and reminisce when people come,
To find the soul, the pews and fixtures, these items gone.

A visitor comes to open door to look inside, day or night,
To amazement the change has been made a visitors book they write.

What happened to this building, why the change, a shock?
Voted by the church family, to change the whole lot.

It’s for the better you know, for birth, death, and marriage,
You could now use the space, to turn a horse and carriage.

The last line of the last verse, is a bit far fetched,
But we must be careful of change, and how it affects.

The church character has now gone,
But the next generation won’t remember the pews, the tiled floor where sun did shone.

People never like change, but the job is done, now it seems,
Good job they stopped, and did not take the beams.

The church is the people, not the building that still stands,
Perhaps the whole village should, have seen the master plan.

Nigel Ball
Talbot Road, Lyme Regis

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