Fairer system needed for beach hut bookings

beach hutsAN open letter to Lyme Regis Town Council: I am writing to express my confusion and annoyance towards one of your services’ selection processes you offer as priority to local residents, followed by the general public the following day. I am referring to the beach hut allocation system you have used this year.

I generally feel that it is a vague and unfair system for any form of allocation, when trying to rely on a connection to a standard telephone line, no queuing even used. I tried from 10am numerous times repeatedly, but still received the engaged tone. Finally, I got through at 10.59am to be told by Kerry, that unfortunately, all allocations were full.

Having known numerous people that have had a winter let on a regular yearly basis, I made contact with them directly. To my surprise (not!) I find that they had been allocated their regular package they required with little hassle or fuss, with some expressing that they would have been devastated and shocked if they hadn’t been allocated one.

Surely this shows that they had strong confidence that they would be allocated once again. The unfair side of things shows again. I will be doing further investigations into communication systems within the council shortly.

I think I have the perfect solution! We make a public event of the beach hut allocation, similar to the FA cup selection system, as seen on the BBC’s ‘One Show’.

You are able to make an email or call to the council office one week prior to the event date, you will be allocated a number against your details and for each package there will be a separate draw.

On the day the mayor or the deputy will tip the balls or tickets (all numbers shown prior to entering the hat – no cheeky missing a couple out!) into a hat and will select the lucky allocations to be displayed (no personal names mentioned at the event) and then the applicant will be contacted if their number was publicly selected.

This could all happen in the shelters or the Jubilee Pavilion on a Sunday afternoon in late October. It would make a great fun afternoon to bring people together and show that not all council decisions are made behind closed doors!

I am sure my suggestion will be welcomed with open arms by all councillors and officers (because I am sure they had a hard time on the allocation days answering the calls) and by the end of this letter being read to you all, you will all have a smile on your face!

I look forward to attending the Great Lyme Regis Beach Hut Allocation Event in 2022!

Name and address supplied

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