LymeOnline recognises climate change and environmental concerns as one of the most important current issues faced by our local community and across the globe.

We are committed to continued, fair and accurate reporting of environmental news and events, as well as taking action to reduce our own impact on the environment.

To this end, our printed issue of LymeOnline includes a monthly ‘Green Page’ with the latest news on local and global environmental issues, and our website carries regular contributions from environmental groups such as Turn Lyme Green and Plastic Free Lyme Regis.


Print and paper is used by news media publishers to produce their print titles. Newsprint is uncoated paper, made out of mechanical pulp or waste paper, which is used to produce newspapers.

Newspapers are not responsible for rainforest depletion; the hardwoods from tropical rainforests are simply not suitable for newsprint production.

Newsprint is an environmentally sound, renewable resource which comes from managed softwood coniferous forests, mainly in North America and Europe. For every tree cut down, two or three more are planted. Between 2005 and 2015 European forests grew by 44,160 sqkm.

The newspaper industry has a voluntary agreement with the government on the recycled content of UK newspapers, which is supported by our printers Newsquest, which is committed to purchasing newsprint responsibly to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve resources.

In 1991, the UK publishers set a target of achieving 40 per cent recycled content in newspapers by the year 2000. The industry met this target four years ahead of schedule.

In 2018, the recycled paper content of UK newspapers was 69.2 per cent.

We also encourage our readers to re-use or recycle their printed copy of LymeOnline when they have finished reading it.