LymeOnline is committed to providing comprehensive, high-quality, trusted news coverage of the Lyme Regis, Uplyme and Charmouth area. We pride ourselves on fair, accurate and impartial reporting of matters in the public interest.

Our main aims are to promote and record the life, events and achievements of Lyme Regis and its residents; to promote social cohesion; hold those in authority to account and promote local democracy.

LymeOnline is independently-owned and we aim to reflect this in our reporting, without influence of outside interests and arrangements, and without interference of the state or local government.

Our reporting is inclusive of all, seeking to reflect the views and experiences of our audience, including a diverse range of opinions and ensuring no significant strand of thought or section of society is under-represented or omitted.

While our reporting is impartial, we do also have the right to freedom of expression, which is shown in personal blogs, columns and opinion pieces. These are written with the aim of encouraging and informing public debate, while maintaining our responsibility for accuracy and within legal restrictions.

Advertorial / Paid-For Content

Advertorial and paid-for content will be appropriately marked as such. On the LymeOnline website this will feature in the ‘Promoted Content’ section and in our printed newspaper will be marked with ‘Promoted Content’ or ‘Advertiser’s Announcement’.


We will take all necessary measures to protect children in our reporting. Children under the age of 16 should not be photographed or have their name included in a report without permission of a teacher, parent or guardian. At large events where children are present, the reporter/photographer will make all efforts to ensure those attending are aware that they are representing the press.


We will not use content from non-authorised third-party sources without obtaining the necessary permissions.


We will not reproduce other people’s work without attribution.

Direct Quotes

Direct quotes will not be changed to alter their context or meaning.


We are committed to continued, fair and accurate reporting of environmental news and events, as well as taking action to reduce our own impact on the environment.

You can read more in our Environmental Policy.


Language deemed offensive should not be used as far as possible. Profanities should not be used outside of direct quotes and only when it is an integral part of the report. Profanities should be starred-out so the full word is not printed.


We welcome letters from our readers for publication – these can be sent to us at

The views expressed in letters published are those of the author and not necessarily of LymeOnline. Letters sent to us for publication may be subject to minor amendments to correct spelling and grammatical errors, or to ensure they are not libellous or defamatory.


We understand the importance of respecting privacy, and will only put private information into the public domain where the public interest outweighs the individual’s legitimate expectation of privacy. We will never intimidate, harass or persistently pursue sources.

You can read more in our Privacy Policy.

Reporting Sensitive Subjects

In cases involving death, suicide, grief and crime, enquiries will be made with sympathy and discretion and publication handled sensitively. Journalists should respect police enquiries and follow relevant media law when reporting crime. Victims of crime and accidents should not be named unless permission is received from the victim, their family or if they are named by police.


We will identify the sources of information reported wherever possible, but sources which have been promised confidentiality for legitimate reasons will be protected at all costs.


While we always aim to be accurate in our reporting, we acknowledge that mistakes and errors can sometimes be made. If you would like to raise a complaint please email

Complaints will be dealt with on an individual basis within seven working days. A retraction or apology will be printed if deemed necessary.

We consider the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) Editors’ Code of Practice to be a sound statement of ethical and responsible behaviour for journalists – you can read the code here.