Woodroffe students compete in maths challenge

SIXTH form students from the Woodroffe School in Lyme Regis recently competed in the Regional Senior Maths Team Challenge.

Tom, Polly, Chet and Jamie travelled to Exmouth Community College for the event and competed in three rounds of testing maths team competitions.

Head of maths at Woodroffe, Dr Kelly, said: “They had to answer questions under time pressure and compete in a cross-number round where one pair had the ‘across’ clues and the other pair had the ‘down’ clues, and both needed the other pair’s answers to complete their own questions.

“The final round was a relay where the answer from one question had to be passed to the other pair to enable them to answer their question. Tricky stuff requiring excellent communication as well as speed and accuracy.

“They were very successful in the first two rounds and only fell back in the relay round, coming a very respectable 17th overall.”

Woodmead Halls
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