Haute Couture comes to Charmouth (but not as we know it!)

EXPLORER Scouts from the Charmouth Seagulls Unit decided to make a late entry into the Bridport Fashion Week with their stunning series of “creations in plastic” themed designs.

Each creative team was given the same starting materials: an assortment of different coloured bin bags; a roll of multi-purpose cleaning clothes and a reel of duct tape.

They then let their imaginations run wild in a frenzy of cutting, plaiting and taping. Some concentrated on head gear, wigs and handbags, while others set about designing outrageous top and trouser combinations.

And the results were truly stunning – creating a real ‘wow’ as the three carefully chosen models showed off their ‘haute couture’ on the hastily assembled (and somewhat unsteady) catwalk.

Explorer Scout leader Melanie Harvey said: “This was one of the activities we penciled in as part of our new member recruitment programme, and I was delighted how the older and newer members worked so closely to come up with such stunning outfits.

I don’t think the designers at Dolce & Gabbana have anything to worry about, but I can see we have some truly creative Explorers when it comes to haute couture.”

Anyone between the ages of 14 and 17 who wants to find out what other activities the Explorer Scouts have planned can contact Melanie on 07890 540 979 or email melanie@atthecoast.co.uk

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